The 110,000 square meter production base of Uzuo industrial park is put into use

Sitzone is nearing the end of the construction of a 100 million RMB Uzuo industrial park with a total area of more than 300,000 square meters. It includes supply chain enterprises under Sitzone Furniture, hardware factory, sponge factory, paper box factory, injection molding factory and mould factory. Uzuo industrial park has a complete set of advanced mechanized production equipment, such as automatic welding machine hand, computer cloth cutting machine, automatic hot-pressing machine, automatic cargo code machine hand, automatic packaging machine.

The photo of newly purchased injection molding machine (now we have the largest number of injection molding machines in China, quantity has reached 43 sets).

 Sitzone "Excellent College" plan architectural plan. We will provide induction training for every new employee to get them to work quickly and efficiently.

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