The 10th anniversary celebration and new product launch of Sitzone Furniture in 2018.

Sitzone Furniture

Over the course of a decade it has gone from obscurity to industry prominence.

We've been pushing ourselves beyond ourselves.

Today is the tenth year of Sitzone Furniture.

In return for your continued support of Sitzone Furniture.

We specially hold the 10th anniversary celebration to give back to our customers.

It is also the beginning of the next decade.

A new leap is coming!

Focus on the next decade.

Last year to focus on the next ten years, we as the integration of resources, set up group brand "UZUO", according to different market channels of 6 big office chair brand integration, sitting at best, and the upstream supply chain of materials more than 10 branch also merged into together, planning the groundwork for the next decade.

The leader signed the guest to remember!

Designer's photo!

▲Fine furniture ten years celebration and new product press conference is about to start!

▲Straight to the scene.

Mr. Zhengchen Zhu, chairman of UZUO, delivered a speech!

In the next decade, we will continue to improve the supply chain, introduce modern automatic equipment and strive to complete 60% of the automatic production equipment covered by the factory by 2022. And strengthen the cooperation with colleges and universities, introduce a large number of design talents, more original design products. We have set up an excellent college to train our staff and provide more excellent talents for the development of SITZONE furniture.

Launch ceremony of new product launch

The launch of the new product launch is successful!


Taiwanese designer Ade

Italian designer VINCI

Korean designer JOYN


Mr. Yin zhe, a brand consultant, shares the pain of sales. As for the solutions to these pain points, we will sort out and improve the sales tools so that the dealers can have a better experience of our product information (you can ask our salesman for it).


Sitzone focuses on the next decade, never forgetting your original intention and walking with you



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